Insanity, Murder, And Love (Danti)

Insanity, Murder, And Love (Danti)

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"Why are you being so nice?" Anti asked, his voice breaking when he said the word nice. 

"I...I don't know," I admitted. Anti pulled his knees to his chest and just sat quietly, not looking directly at me. 

"Anti," I said as placed a hand on his shoulder, "I've never cared about someone before, ever, but I care about you. I don't know why or how, but I just do, so believe me when I tell you that I will be there for you no matter what." 

"Dark, I don't know what to say-" Anti began. 

"Then don't say anything," I said, "Just let me hold you." I pulled him to me and held him tightly against my chest. I felt his warm tears soak my already damp shirt, but I didn't care about that right now. 

I just cared about Anti.

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AbbyYeung AbbyYeung Jan 03
What happened to our sweet and lovable smol bean Jack? 
                              Why is he so mean all of a sudden?
Do you hear that?
                              Of course not, cause I covered Jacks mouth with a cloth before I killed him on Anti~senpai's floor
Kitkat1924 Kitkat1924 Jun 25, 2017
*crawls from hell* OK hold up *pants* I *breath* heard *breath* just *puts head between knees* wait a sec.....OK! I HEARD SMUT AND I WANT TO WATCH er....READ! *sits near fireplace* Yay!
WilfordWarfstache101 WilfordWarfstache101 Dec 28, 2017
Hear that?
                              *screaming goats*
                              That's the sound of my heart shattering.
ThisIsMyNameSDWI ThisIsMyNameSDWI Jun 19, 2017
o.o alrighty then. totally a normal ending sentence from all that.
molavia molavia Feb 09
A damnit, I can't stand spelling mistakes, but I'll stay for the smut =3
                              [I'm joking, I love spelling mistakes.
                              Something to laugh over xD]