Scared Yet? (H2OCat/H2OWildcat)

Scared Yet? (H2OCat/H2OWildcat)

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"This is a bad idea.
I should've listened to Luke...then again, I really want to be a part of this..."

Each year on the 7th of May, a group of handpicked YouTube sensations are picked to live together in one house for a month to test social skills and mental strength. All the attending people are to be put through daily challenges.
There are up to 15 contestants each year with no deaths from these challenges. All injuries have always been treated with care....but what happens when a new council arrives at the scene? One who is as heartless as to let someone die without a care..One who's only in it for the money?

Jonathon doesn't know what to expect, it's his first year after all. He already has enough trouble when he finds that Tyler is going to be living there at the house as well meaning he will keep his identity a secret for as long as he can. How will he make it through the tasks?

Some secrets are worth the fight.

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