Trapper x Reader [A Dead By Daylight Fanfiction]

Trapper x Reader [A Dead By Daylight Fanfiction]

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❦cαм❦ By CamsterHale Completed

When you wake up in the woods all alone, you wonder how you got there; especially when you wander fearfully around an abandoned estate.

You learn that there's a killer, and that you need to work together with the other survivors.

Will you survive with the help of other survivors? Will you perish along with them? 

Or will a miracle happen, and you get spared...

[I know there's 4 maps in the Macmillan Estate - but I'm combining them. For example the Mine and the Ironworks will be together.] 

[Fanfiction of Dead By Daylight. Dead By Daylight is owned by Behaviour Interactive™]

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storyteller454 storyteller454 Mar 16, 2017
I love Dead by Daylight waaay to much. And I am going to love this ff as well.
Amistarz Amistarz Oct 28, 2017
Wow Evan, wouldn't you say I'm "STUNNING"? 😂 ok that was bad
LovestruckerLV205 LovestruckerLV205 Dec 17, 2017
When your almost done and that one guy whose been chased for the entire match leads the killer right towards you. Then your down, hooked, and no one saves :/
storyteller454 storyteller454 Mar 16, 2017
Gosh, it will be a nightmare to suddenly wake up in the middle of DBD with the shape as a killer.
youtubinggg youtubinggg Sep 27, 2016
                              Omg thats it my life is oficially over
- - Nov 25, 2016
Tfw exams are just around the corner and the upperclassmen are showing you the ropes