Transformers Prime AU (Book 1) (Wattys 2017)

Transformers Prime AU (Book 1) (Wattys 2017)

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This is an Alternate Universe where Team Prime is a human family.

Optimus is a single dad who is struggling to raise his small family after an accident.

Gosh dang it! I'll work on the description later.....

Don't own Transformers.

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- - Dec 12, 2017
Arcee sounds like my sister when she was in middle school. She did the exact same thing and oh was it funny.😆
kikigraysonwest kikigraysonwest Jun 30, 2017
O^O' I won't blame that. ;-; I call all my mom's friend's aunty or uncle... o.o respect or something. ;-;
Rav_Productions Rav_Productions Oct 31, 2017
I really like this au as much a shatered glass i can't wait to read the next chap
GothicFrisk GothicFrisk Aug 27, 2017
Nice..I love your writing feel free to look at mine. I admit it is a tad feh as I adore crossovers.
noooooo there's no cliff jumper I came to this book to look for him
I am grinning like a psycho...Is that bad? P.S. Reading this again in 2018.