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Loved You First ||,

Loved You First ||,

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~NCT~ By songaelee Completed

[Under major editing]

"You may have loved her first, but do you love her the most?"

Since Jaemin started training, Min saw him less, and when she tried to reach out for him, he only seemed to become busier as time went on.

Then she met Mark. 

A nice guy who she easily befriended. 

Then there was Jaemin, who wasn't very pleased with how close they were.

And everything only got worse when feelings started to show.

-ibaiesyahlah -ibaiesyahlah Oct 26, 2016
Hyungwon?😂😂😂mianhae of this didn't relate to the story..
When u r a girl, chocolate is ur lifesource. We kill whoever eats our chocolate
gotbangtan127 gotbangtan127 5 days ago
Read wattpad stories of kpop idols? Yes? ME TOOOOO OMG FAM LUV YA
loltrolvollol loltrolvollol Oct 06, 2016
You ate hee food?! How dare you! I can't believe she forgave you. Big NO NO
Zombie_lover08 Zombie_lover08 Dec 29, 2016
He gon ask yo fo sum kopi en den hee will poison u. 
                              Steinger deinger gurl.