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Sweet Revenge

Sweet Revenge

337K Reads 14.9K Votes 28 Part Story
Heather Teston By tamlaura1 Completed

Cover made by Nene.

Dallas Jones, a self-made Billionaire with a score to settle returns to Texas. For years he plotted his revenge on Donald Hamilton. And now was the time, he would make Donald pay for the death of his parents, for the years of abuse and humiliation they suffered at the hands of that man. Dallas would take everything from him, his business, home. But the one thing Donald treasured the most was his daughter, Sky. Dallas would take her, use and torment the beautiful Sky Hamilton, knowing it would destroy her father.

LilaRose94 LilaRose94 Aug 05, 2016
Holy crap woman.....another book?! You my lovely are on fire!! 
                              I'll be sure to read this one too! Look forward to it 💋💋
- - Nov 06, 2016
Yeah now see when I read such deep books I forget to comment as I DNT TAKE DEATH WELL and must haw been weeping 😢😢
minnonite minnonite Aug 21, 2016
Slipped away - passed away. I think passed away is more appropriate no?
loner_girl1999 loner_girl1999 Nov 10, 2016
That was an amazing start and I think this may end up being the best story I've ever read!! I love it!
LilaRose94 LilaRose94 Aug 06, 2016
This is a great start. A nice insightful introduction into Dallas's background. Look forward to another great story from you 😀
markylmao markylmao Oct 19, 2016
Still can't believe ur Grandma.... You got spunk 😂😂😂