Snowbound with the Billionaire Beast

Snowbound with the Billionaire Beast

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Laura Jardine By LauraJardine Completed

The first Foggy Hill Fairy Tale. A retelling of Beauty and the Beast.

After being cursed by an incompetent enchantress, billionaire Austin Ford now turns into a giant green chipmunk every night. His life shattered, he retreats to Foggy Hill, Ontario, where he spends lots of time brooding in the highest room in the tallest tower and using a magic mirror to scope out hot celebrities. The curse can be broken if he falls in love with a woman and she loves him in return, but Austin can't imagine that will ever happen. Who could ever love a giant green rodent?

It's just another day at the bookshop for Sarah McLintock. Unfortunately, it takes a turn for the worse when her irritating ex-boyfriend proposes to her at work and her car slides off the road during a blizzard. She lands in a ditch, right in front of Austin Ford's mansion. Unable to get a tow truck, she has no choice but to spend the night in the home of the eccentric billionaire who betrayed her brother. Austin is rude and cranky and chases her into the forest. But maybe he's not such a beast after all...

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LookingStunning LookingStunning Mar 30, 2017
why u trying to change his personality? his terrible circumstances are supposed to do that. how's someone gonna fall for him when he's ugly AND a douchebag?
LookingStunning LookingStunning Mar 30, 2017
i understand disliking rich ppl. really i do but... what the heck lady?!
witikim21 witikim21 Aug 06, 2016
But there are 😍 Christian, Gideon, Gabriel, Bastian, Eric, sooo many I love them all!!! 💞
unknownkiss unknownkiss Nov 18, 2016
Love her personality and the spells mix ups are too hilarious
Jiah_Blake_Eaton Jiah_Blake_Eaton Oct 11, 2016
This lady is mentally unstable? 😂 Why would you do something so horrible to strangers.