My Soul Sparks With You

My Soul Sparks With You

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Pasta_Cravers By Saifah_Ashfaq Updated Jul 21, 2017

[Alhamdullilah :) 10th in Spiritual 3/12/2016]

Ali khan, a 26 years old ruthless tyrant, merciless, cruel, fearless, heartless and devilishly handsome Mafia King. He spend his whole life planning to take revenge of his family from the Black Hawks, another Mafia group. Black Hawks mercilessly killed his whole family 18 years ago. 
What will happen when he will come across Samiya Abdullah Khan, a 22 years old cute innocent girl who have recently come to meet her family from Australia. She's is the only daughter of Abdullah Khan, the Boss of Black Hawk empire. Abdullah is the biggest enemy of Ali khan, who is the king of All Mafia empires and boss of Black Pearls. 

*****May contain some disturbing scenes sometimes such as violence e.t.c.****

  • hate
  • husband
  • innocence
  • king
  • love
  • mafia
  • merciless
  • nightmares
  • revenge
  • ruthless
  • spiritual
  • wattys2017
Rubyaasyafan Rubyaasyafan Dec 12, 2017
Lovellyy yr i always wanted to read dark romance with muslim backdrop
RedRoses67 RedRoses67 Oct 02, 2016
I loveeeeeeeeeeeee this book already !!!!!!!!!!!!! amazing :):):):)
ToshiOniiChan ToshiOniiChan Oct 16, 2016
How can one be so ruthless ? Like, see... She is so innocent .. Poor pity girl...
                              I can't even imagine tears in her eyes...
krazy_kiddo1234 krazy_kiddo1234 Dec 16, 2016
Hey butteryfly love your work and  in love with the way you write..I've also started a story "IT ALL STARTED WITH BAKING ".I would really appreciate if you could give it a shot and let me know your views through your comments
Misha_2717 Misha_2717 Nov 19, 2016
                              LOVED IT SO MUCH!!!!!
                              IT'S SUPERB MAN!
                              CAN'T WAIT TO READ WHAT'S NEXT!
ivorysapphire21 ivorysapphire21 Sep 23, 2016
Interesting story! I will be adding this in my library to read more about it ♡