Paint With Blood

Paint With Blood

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Mikey loves to paint, but when he takes some advice a little... Too serious, things get a bit messy. And this time Mikey is the one with the blood on his hands. Will he be able to make his brothers proud? Will he be able to find a way to make his brothers smile? No matter what he has to do.

This is my first fanfiction!

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Just....... how do you fail....... a stick figure? I just noticed that.
I had tears fallen, at first I was a bit scared by the cover and I thought Mikey may go on a killing game for the blood. But I sighed in relief when it wasn't that before I started to cry, once I notice what Mikey was doing. Oh my poor baby, looks like I know where my afternoon is going.  :D
Bruh, my arm feels weak now, I can't even hold my phone right. JEEZ I WISH I WASN'T ONE OF THOSE KIND OF PEOPLE THAT FEEL OTHER PEOPLE'S EMOTIONS, wow that was strangely specific...
user51587438 user51587438 3 days ago
I think he didnt get what he meant...honestly i didnt first, i had to ask someone
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OMG! This is so amaziiing! 😆 Even tho Mikey used his blood.. I still love it!
This is soo cool and unique!...keep up the cool work!😁 let's just hope Mikey gets better * prepares self for feels * okay I'm going in! * dives into next chapter *