My Indian Luna..... #Wattys2017 EDITING

My Indian Luna..... #Wattys2017 EDITING

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I thought you would be just a crush, or just a stranger we meet in every day life, or someone who will love me uncondistonally. It was not my dream world crash where every think is in control upon my brain,but this dream came crushing in to reality. It was not just a dream I dreamed every night, you changed my dream to pure nightmare. I thought I could make you fall in love but the thing I didnt knew you can break my heart where I reached in darkness where I was.


"Mate are just a weakness in life as you are. You are nothing to me you sl*t who just want boys for their money. You can do anything for mony even sleep with them... did your dad didnt slap you when you started to do this shitty things oh did you sleep wit-" as he was cut of by a slap in his face.

Anjali Roy an Indian girl, at last her dream is going to come true to become a photographer where she has won the first round there. She thought she was just going to go in Califoniya and make her dream come true. But not just one dream where there are her nightmare waiting for her to. Two different life, spacies, personality, their heart meets together their fate their soul is joind by mooongoddess herself. 

One has a pure heart of love and mind of carzyness lives in her own world, the other heart less and the mind of evil. Will they two are perfect for eachother or just ends breaking eachother

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I love it on how she likes sleeping soooooo much 😂😂😂
Ishi42 Ishi42 May 04
Who actually Lucifer is ? I thought all pov was part of some drama act but WDF was that ? Plz clear my doubt
I love her cause she said sleeping 3 times 😂😂😂😂 gotta love sleep like this to be my friend 😂☺️
madiha7 madiha7 Mar 29
good story.. also check out "tainted souls" by @disastrousheaven. its going great. also by an indian.
Anjali* hota h na vho..... Second chapter meh tho Anjali hi likha h .
WELL SHÍT that escalated quickly 😂 
                              I literally just got here 
                              WHY YOU SO MAD BOI 🤔