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✧ My Soulmate ✧ Newtmas

✧ My Soulmate ✧ Newtmas

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Top By skystxlinski Updated Feb 05

❝ I'm Newt ❞ 

❝ Hi I'm Newt-wait no-I'm-I'm Thomas. You're Newt. I'm Thomas. Hi,Newt. It's me,Thomas. Okay I think we're clear on who I am ❞

❝ You're cute ❞
In a utopian universe, soulmates exist. You would often feel your soulmates pain or emotion.

To completely find your soulmate the half heart on your right wrist would become whole at the touch of your soulmate.

heythereimsamsam heythereimsamsam Sep 12, 2016
and I'm here because Text Me ended and I need more of your stories