✧ My Soulmate ✧ Newtmas

✧ My Soulmate ✧ Newtmas

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skystxlinski By skystxlinski Updated Feb 05, 2017

❝ I'm Newt ❞ 

❝ Hi I'm Newt-wait no-I'm-I'm Thomas. You're Newt. I'm Thomas. Hi,Newt. It's me,Thomas. Okay I think we're clear on who I am ❞

❝ You're cute ❞
In a utopian universe, soulmates exist. You would often feel your soulmates pain or emotion.

To completely find your soulmate the half heart on your right wrist would become whole at the touch of your soulmate.

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Both my boyfriends are going to meet. That's going to be awkward
why is everyone thinking he just clumsy i’m thinking differently
Tommy_Dime Tommy_Dime Apr 13
It's really weird to see that in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, both Daniel Radcliffe and Thomas Brodie-Sangster were roughly the same age.
GladerGirl188 GladerGirl188 Mar 10, 2017
Wait, do you hear that?......
                              It's the sound of my heart exploding
My soulmate would be sick all the time except in summer. Right now I have a cold