Fairy and a Saber(Sting X Reader)

Fairy and a Saber(Sting X Reader)

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DragonPrincess24 By Lucille_KNegan Completed

Your name is Y/N L/N. You're a Death Dragon Slayer. You and your exceed E/N (exceed name) join fairy tail. You guys were trapped in Tenrou with everyone else. No one knows your magic except Master. You rely on you swords and combat. But when you do need magic you use Requip. 

You guys join GMG after hearing your the weakest and the stoniest guild is Sabertooth.

Will you find love and allow yourself to be happy? Or will you sacrifice your happiness to protect your lived ones?
Read and Find out.

The media pics will always be your outfit  also I will try and update a chapter a day. Sorry if updates are slow.

The location and color of my Fairytale mark is the same as sting's Sabortooth mark
Wow talk about small. *rolls eyes* (Yeah I'm *eyes go into a sarcastic pose* not sarcastic at all.)
iJodieLyza iJodieLyza Nov 25
Did they not acknowledge the fact that I came to Edolas, when you can only get there through a portal in the SKY?
Lol.... that's the same as stings mark!!! You cheeky Author-chan you!!! XD
You put the mark there cuz it's the same colour and place as Stings
I know why u did it because Sting's mark is on his shoulder and in wight