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Libra23 By Libra23 Completed

"She's pretending like she don't miss you, you're pretending like you don't give a damn, EGO is one hell of a drug"

The Story of Maurice Taylor & Alani Smith

Starring: Chris Brown & Robyn "Rihanna" Fenty

SayWowBackwards SayWowBackwards Aug 08, 2016
I hope you don't mind but in my new book I used this name as a characters sister. I really want you to go look at the trailer for it.
SayWowBackwards SayWowBackwards Aug 05, 2016
Can you please send me this gif! I've been looking for it everywhere. Or tell me how you found it? I really need it for blackbird.
RihannasMyAddiction RihannasMyAddiction Aug 09, 2016
Your stories are the freaking best.. Thank u for your writing.. I so enjoy it
SayWowBackwards SayWowBackwards Aug 08, 2016
Oh my! I wasn't ready but Alani Bitchhh you better. You got all rights. Even though I want you together.
___Shyla_____ ___Shyla_____ Aug 08, 2016
Another one *Dj Khaled voice*💕 Are you trying to kill me?😂
KrisGrinch87 KrisGrinch87 Aug 28, 2016
You still wouldve had your whole life ahead of you but a married one. I dont get the big leap if yall was already together for 7 years