In One Night

In One Night

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TråšhÇäń Ïś Dâ Nāmę By 5secondsofphannnn Updated Jan 10

(Y/N) has always watched YouTube since she was young.Whether it was viral videos or just skits, she was in love with YouTube.She always dreamed of becoming a well known YouTuber so she could meet all her favorites.She watched  her favorite YouTubers grow and decided to just ask for a camera already.Little did she know it would all change in one night.



shtDookie shtDookie 2 days ago
When you had to buy both TABINOF and DAPGO by yourself with your own money (Not complaining, best $40 I spent)
wxnderlxnds wxnderlxnds 4 days ago
is it bad that i don't even know how to play the piano but i can play that
shtDookie shtDookie 2 days ago
I have a sister... who's 22, and going to be 23 this year, and she lives half way across the country in a completely different state and time zone
Tay_kawaii_1738 Tay_kawaii_1738 3 days ago
*hears g-note and throws on black clothing and eyeliner* WHEN I WAS A YOUNG BOY
unicornmasta11 unicornmasta11 5 days ago
I don't have depression but I did battle with very low self esteem and suicidal thoughts and they helped a lot