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The Medic And The Girl (Female Reader) Editting

The Medic And The Girl (Female Reader) Editting

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...? By _MiaHolmes_ Updated 2 days ago

Sometimes I ask myself:
"How would I survive without you in my life?
Loneliness would take your place."


Everybody knows a certain grumpy old medic of team Prime, right? His name is Ratchet. None of the children can get along with him at first, and maybe even now. Rafael is a rare exception, but he only got on his good side after a period of time. But enough of that grumpy side of him, we also know that he can be very caring. He will literally do anything for his team, even if it means he has to experiment something on himself.

The result?... Although he helped the 'bots with the Energon problem, he ended up with a wound and, well, a human, as his punishment.

Being Y/n L/n's guardian was his punishment. Just an ordinary girl who has quite of a history, she had to leave Japan for Jasper to live with her drunk uncle since both of her parents were gone because of some unknown reasons. An Introvert, a bit shy and awkward are what you'll use to describe her after you first meeting with Y/n.

Let's see where this combination will end up, shall we?


Cover by @CommentsBySilver


A guardian story.

I am editting this book.

I'm literatly a real black belt in karate so this fits me well
I really did Taekwondo for four years.... Are you a stalker?!?!?!?
This is almost like my house, except for the drunk people part
Dalar_Rose Dalar_Rose Jul 07
I have a question though. Did you mean to say you finished this story or not? And I don't mind!
TheDumbo TheDumbo Jul 04
Your blood splattered on the ground...
                              Jk I like Lemon!!
Nope whenever the guys see me they be like: AGHHHHH ITZ A GIRL THATS SO CRAZY SHE BEAT UP A GUY BEFORE!!! Don't know why they run. It's rude not saying hi.