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The Medic And The Girl (Female Reader)✔

The Medic And The Girl (Female Reader)✔

28.5K Reads 1.2K Votes 22 Part Story
MH By _MiaHolmes_ Completed

Sometimes I ask myself:
"How would I survive without you in my life?
Loneliness would take your place."


Y/n L/n,a seventeen-year-old Japanese girl.She has just come to Jasper,Nevada.Not a very normal girl,she has Posttraumatic Stress Disorder,or PTSD for short,and that is one of the reason why her relative has to send her to her uncle.In school,she met Raf,Miko and Jack then quickly became friends.She told them some of her secrets so they are the people who understand her the most.But just some,not all.

After a month,Y/n knows that they are hiding something from her but she doesn't know what it is,so she decides to follow them.Bad idea.

Ratchet,also known as Docbot,becomes her guardian.You know him,he looks careless but in the inside,he does care about the humans...That's all of the information I can tell you.If you want to know more,read.


Cover by @CommentsBySilver


A guardian story

Transformerstrackgir Transformerstrackgir Oct 20, 2016
I can relate to her in so many ways I too have a drunk family member good thing he lives in a different state
Because the only person who understand you best is yourself
                              Damn I went too deep, didn't I? I leave lol
TalanaChan TalanaChan Jan 22
Finally Reader-Chan finds out what is going on ~ Can't stop reading. But I wonder who is Yuki? In one line this name shows up and I where  a little confused for a brief moment. Is that your reader insert?   Anyway a great chapter !
_-TinaDrawz4U_- _-TinaDrawz4U_- Dec 26, 2016
I come into the story and slap Miko and jack "JUST MAKE OUT ALREADY!!! #JIKO!!!!!" I smirked then hugged raf "you to inoccent! So im a Take you!" I grinned and picked up RAF before running away with him "DIS LITTLE MAN IS MINE NOW XD!!!"
TalanaChan TalanaChan Jan 22
I'm very interested, good work so far! I would be happy, if I could write öike that ;D
I'm pretty sure bulkheads a green armored jeep and arcees a sports bike of some sort I'm guessing Yamaha judging by her colors and engine noise....a 650 two stroke of some sort