Their Slave, Their Princess (BWWM) (3BKS) COMPLETE

Their Slave, Their Princess (BWWM) (3BKS) COMPLETE

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L.B. Keen By LBKeen Completed

Trixian a race of aliens who have populated the planet earth and have managed to integrate themselves into the society around them. 
  Join the Royal family on another journey of steamy and humorous love in space. 
  Cayla doesn't know what's worse...that her mother is the first black woman to marry a Trixian and she's a highly well-loved chef. Or, that her older sister managed to snag an emperor whose family rules the infamous Dalia Alliance. 
  What she does know is that she's the Average one in the family. Her looks may be somewhat acceptable, but average in fighting, and average in looks. Her brother at least knows he's going to be a prince, but she...she is the spare princess. 
Willing to do anything to prove herself, she takes on a mission that will lead her into the grasp of a ruthless man by the name of Raki . 
A general who searches for women in the name of the Alvarian States, when overnight their own women begin to die dropping the numbers of their population dangerously low.

Raki of Kushites is a general whose only intentions was to return to his planet with glory in capturing women to continue his species, but alas his run in with a dark skin trixian princess has forced his fate in another direction when he is also forced to claim his Bozkida the son of a rival species, now he is stucked with a breeder and a mate. 

Boshik Kosak had no intentions of ever playing the Bozkida to the Kushite General, not only would his father reject such a match but he never could see himself playing second to the man. Too many things are in the way in the crossing of their mating. 

All three will be swept up in the fires of political intrigue, battles for survival and steamy love. As each must fight for what they stand for when the stabilized Alvaria looses peace as a maddened Royals desire power fractures the planet. 

LBK Original

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queenpringle123 queenpringle123 Sep 25, 2016
dang this is good I've been waiting on this book to start and i am very excited for the next chapters
Captionunderpants Captionunderpants Oct 01, 2016
This is great and the plot is so refreshing. I hope you continue because I am very excited. Thanks for writinng