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Shiro-san By Kera_Akiyama Updated Oct 12, 2016

ReZero has been a great anime, let's agree to that. But who ever thought about Rem and Subaru being married in the end? This story will lead to that. First we will follow up to that from the start of the attack on the White Whale. Although, everyone stays safe which is fortunate for poor Subaru. Rem being a passionate, happy little girl- cheers up Subaru's day whenever they come across in a romantic moment they have in Roswaal's Palace. But once they meet in a new town called, Wyvern's Den, they continue making even the best of more memories!
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MaurizzioGiraldo MaurizzioGiraldo Oct 30, 2016
In the web novel, he actually loves Rem, and kinda wants to marry both of them (Rem & Emilia)
Zakhil Zakhil Oct 08, 2016
Aside from a bit of confusion midway into it (bringing up the anime at times was a bit of a disconnect for me), this was pretty sweet!  I'm curious as to where you'll take this :o
IncompleteLoner IncompleteLoner Sep 07, 2016
OMG OMG OMG OMG -coughs coughs- Okay, First of all, I SHIP THEEEEEEEEEM MUCH! Ehem. Second, I CAN"T WAIT FOR READING MORE!