Zane~Chan's Paradise of Love (Book 1) [Slowly revising]

Zane~Chan's Paradise of Love (Book 1) [Slowly revising]

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Story Of Zane and Kawaii Chan.

It all started when we first came in Love Love Paradise. "Ancient legend has it, that any couple who visits this resort, and manages to have a great time,will end up together" Lucinda said
Well now I know that Aphmau will have a great time. There's a high possibility that Travis and Katelyn.... wait where IS he? Pfft I honesty don't care (Zanvis nuuuu). "Aaand I think they hired a drunk hobo to tell that myth" Aaron said "You will find the love of your life here.... Now buy this T-shirt" The Crazy Drunk Hobo said
*Children screams*
Now that's impossible. Me? Finding someone to love here? Pfft. Oh please.
Then the accident happened... I shouldn't speak so soon

Well Zanvis sunk. Then I might just start shipping Zane Chan


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I would start screaming for my precious ship and what not, but then I remembered what happened next.. 🤫🤯😖
TheWalkingDead4Life TheWalkingDead4Life Oct 03, 2016
My ship must sail. Ive had one fail before. This ship will NOT sink! It will NOT end up like Reynico!
Hailey_Ships26 Hailey_Ships26 Jan 06, 2017
I have shipped this ever since Zane caught Kawaii~Chan in the lazy river, but sadly I'm the recent episode of mystreet Kawaii~Chan kissed Dameon!!!   ;(
abbyhoppy abbyhoppy Jan 08, 2017
I love your writing skills, you make my otp come truuuu I started shipping this in love love paradise, and I hate dameon a lot now so all I can do is read fanfics 😶 but you make good fanfics so ^^