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Warrior cat rp

Warrior cat rp

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Cool.... By Dakota_5374 Updated 2 days ago

Welcome to my  New Warrior Cat Roleplay! Please pull up a chair and prepare yourself for the weird stuff that goes down in this Roleplay. It spans from a character being frowned upon because of his fathers mistakes, to another character leaving his mate, try to come back to see that she was gone, then find a new mate just to ditch her. It's confusing, yes, but all is explained in the rp. Feel free to fill out a Form then get cozy. As soon as you are accepted you may start. 

Info about the five clans will be on the first chapter as well as rules and forms. Have fun!!

Cover by: @RedtailKitty

                              20 moon 
                              An all black tabby (is that possible?) blue eyes
                              Swift,strong,lean, brave, playful, 
                              Wants an apprentice.
                              None/rotten claw?/none
Name: Dragonflythorn
                              Rank: Warrior
                              Clan: EmberClan
                              Age: 46 moons
                              Gender: Tom
                              Personality: Loyal, Intelligent, Kind, Can be battle hungry sometimes.
                              Appearance: Blue-gray tom with a white spot on each side of his flank, which kind of look like wings and has blue eyes.
Addy2022 Addy2022 May 16
                              Large orange tabby with red stripes. Thuck furred gray tail. Gray underbelly paws muzzle and ear tips green eyes
                              We'll see about the crush
                              Flirty, caring, bossy.
                              Aprentice please?
KylieTKat KylieTKat Jun 10
                              looks:silver tabby with startling purple eyes
                              crush:her former mentor,Lionwhisp
Name: Ebonyclaw 
                              Age: 17 moons 
                              Clan: Emberclan
                              Rank: Warrior 
                              Gender: She
                              Looks: Short furred, Long limbed, black she cat with pale green eyes. 
                              M: None
                              C: Open 
                              K: None
                              Personality: Very out-going and headstrong.
                              Age: 19 Moons
                              Rank: Leader
                              Gender: She-Cat
                              Appearance: Looks like her Father Scourge.
                              Personatily: Dangerous
                              Clan: Bloodclan