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♡Ruth♡ By angels-in-our-skies Completed

Scorpius has 99 problems and albus potter can solve every single one of them // 

it's their 2nd year of Hogwarts and its evident they love eachother. But what will angry parents and uncomfortable teachers think? The school is awful but maybe together it will be okay


I Siriusly thought it said, 'Oh, hi Al, I missed fücking you so much over the holidays." And I was like, Wat.
Don't call him babe. Or baby. Like he said, you're a pure innocent cinnamon roll.
GlimmerandShine12 GlimmerandShine12 Dec 03, 2016
I was literally talking about who is the biggest cinnamon roll ever and yet we agreed on Scorpius not Albus XD
I guess you could say that he's a cünt if you call Scorpius a dïck.
Shippingfangirl013 Shippingfangirl013 Oct 15, 2016
My eyes are hazel and honestly depending on whom you're born of- genetically- some people have more green eyes (like myself) or more brown. Some have a bit more gold in their eyes too. I think Albus would have a bright greenish hazel due to Harry's green eyes, and Ginny's green/blue/hazel