Ideas (And Other Random Stuff)

Ideas (And Other Random Stuff)

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YA LIKE JAZZ?! By HecticGiraffe64 Updated May 26, 2017

Look into the world of Hex, the magical unicorn, and discover what it's like to be a unicorn! 
Heyo! So this is just some random stuff and ideas I suddenly have from those weird dreams I have where sans and papyrus are eating ice cream wearing winter coats and both are wearing scarves looking like they just went sledding and I'm at a buffet and they say "Where were you Hex!? We were worried sick!" Even though I already told them I would be there.  By the way Sans looks cool with a scarf carrying a sled.Seriously though this was a dream. It all went downhill from there and became a nightmare of whips and stuff. But anyways these ideas just may become a book in the future so go ahead and take a peek. 

Expect lots of A/Ns. 

Expect unicorns.

Expect My dreams.

Expect weirdness.

Expect mistakes and dumb keyboard malfunctions

Don't expect correctness

Get ready for the weirdest time of your life.

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SilverDawn101 SilverDawn101 Aug 23, 2016
I have "Series Dreams" too! I always had them on a weekly basis when I was really young...