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Threats From A Past Life (#2)

Threats From A Past Life (#2)

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captainswanouat11 By captainswanouat11 Updated 6 days ago

(Sequel to "I Finally Found You")

Storybrooke has remained unharmed for almost two weeks now. Emma and Killian 
have been spending more and more time together now that Storybrooke is finally
at peace.

Although it will not remain that way for long. Little does everyone know, there's going 
to be a new arrival in Storybrooke from someone's past, and let's just say they're not 
here for the hot cocoa.

Most of the sets and characters belong to ABC's Once Upon A Time.

AlwaysCaptainWolf AlwaysCaptainWolf Sep 11, 2016
Emma is kind of fun when she's drunk. She haven't been drunk in the series... Why. It could be really fun to watch this chapter was really good. Update ASAP.
captainswanouat11 captainswanouat11 Sep 11, 2016
Exactly! It would be fun to watch on the show and that's why I put it into this chapter. And I'll be updating very soon😉