Hot Summer Nights with The Biker

Hot Summer Nights with The Biker

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BITCH TF U MEAN By Cordy86 Updated Mar 01, 2017

So what happens when you finish school, move to a different state,

 unemployed for 4 months with no job til then.  But you are way too

 stubborn to use your nest egg!        Simple Solution!     Get a job at a

 biker bar!   Bloody brilliant, right?!?!    Well that's Lexie  Alexander for 

you.  She's very smart but sometimes has not so smart moments.  

Then what happens when she catches the eye of the Black Vipers MC 

Prez Colt "The Snake" Orton?  What happens when she catches an 

unwanted stalkers interest, again?

You'll just have to read to find out....

This is my first book I hope you enjoy it.  

I just might make this into a series just have wait and see...

  • biker
  • colt
  • drama
  • humor
  • lexie
  • love
  • nurse
  • romance
  • stalker
sheyladiaz01 sheyladiaz01 Apr 14, 2017
I well not give you negative comments but try to encourage you to keep in going
sheyladiaz01 sheyladiaz01 Apr 14, 2017
Yes Spanish people tend to go for the stick, we're they find them I have no idea is like a magic wind that suddenly appeared when they need it just so funny 🏏
Lore507 Lore507 Feb 17, 2017
Ha ha!! I know lots of people that got hit by the stupid stick..😂😂