The Secret Life Of The American Teenager (Heroes of Olympus AU) {Book 1}

The Secret Life Of The American Teenager (Heroes of Olympus AU) {Book 1}

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(Based on the ABCFamily/Freeform TV series, The Secret Life of the American Teenager)

We all know that being a teenager is tough. You start feeling new things. We do things everyone tells us to do. Situations go ballistic. Society shows us the kind of people that are acceptable and who are not acceptable in our world today. Our nine main characters show us an insight on the tough lives of being a teenager.

Percy is a fuckboy. Annabeth is pregnant. Jason's pressuring goes out of hand. Piper is afraid of having sex. Leo is physically and verbally bullied. Hazel hates to go home to her abusive mother. Frank has social anxiety. Reyna wants to be an adult already. And Nico is secretly gay.

How did all these people from different backgrounds came together? Well, it all started two weeks after a booze-and-weed-filled party...

(All characters belong to Rick Riordan)
(Cover art belongs to Indigonite, and all other art in the story belongs to their rightful owners)

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The_Darkest_Of_Dark The_Darkest_Of_Dark Dec 30, 2017
Inhale, out hale. Inhale, out hale.
Ok but if the test comes out positive then that will have been the perfect lie.
Ryuu_No Ryuu_No Dec 14, 2017
Reading the Mortal Instruments as messed with my head- Magnus B. or Magnus C.? 
                              (i know it's Magnus Chase)
Ryuu_No Ryuu_No Dec 14, 2017
Every time I see something dyed blue I'm like: "Percy would be pleased/proud"
Hazel ,  cursing , my innocent , pure hazel you dirty little piece of hell