Listener of Death

Listener of Death

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Una Mortem By UnaMortem Updated May 24, 2017

Hope Morgenstern has a secret.
He belongs to one of the world's oldest and most powerful witch families that ever existed and...he's cursed.
He's a Listener of Death, or as he prefers to call himself a 'Walking Radar of Catastrophes'. He has a power that allows him to feel and actually have visions of bad things happening before they happen.
He's the first Listener of Death born in more than five hundred years, and for that reason almost the entire witch population consider him a bringer of bad luck.
As if he already didn't have enough problems in trying to balance his family issues with his personal life, now he's also being haunted by a dark entity that claims to be after his very soul.

'They say love is a sacred thing; a sparkle of the holy grace that only shines within ourselves to make us remember to keep on the good path... They also say love is love, no matter the form it has, or the way it comes to you... But the love I got was born from the obsession of demons. Can such love still be considered sacred?'

[A boyxboy adventure, because I had a strange dream that inspired me.]

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