The Heirs In Love

The Heirs In Love

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BaevyeoN By CikPika Updated Jan 12, 2017

How to describe the meaning of LOVE?

For me,

LOVE, it's a pure feelings that God give his humans. LOVE, is not a sins. LOVE, have many types.  

LOVE my family.. LOVE my friends.. LOVE my boyfriend.. LOVE myself.


Who doesn't love their family? 

Family is the most precious in our life. Without them, who we are?

Friends, is our second 'family'. If we don't have a family, having a friend is enough already.

Boyfriend? There is no human don't want to have a boyfriend. Or girlfriend. We need them.

We also should love, ourself. Why? Ourself is everything in our life. If you make yourself as a bad person, you will be bad person. 

But, if you make yourself as a good person, you will be a good person.

Oh God.. what am I talking about?

tsk..tsk.. tsk..

Just make it short,

This fanfic, will teach you how important love in our life. 

Without love, we are no one in this world.