One Piece x Reader One Shots ➳

One Piece x Reader One Shots ➳

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sphinx By VSphinx Updated Nov 19

luffy: *screams* ONE SHOTSS
nami: *beats the shit out of luffy* shutup! I'm trying to sleep!
luffy: *gets back up with a swollen ass face* one soths 
chopper: *calls for doctor dramatically*

one piece x reader one shots.
laugh, cry, smile or.. all of them!
with those fictional idiots that we love ♥︎

12/7/17- the further down the story, the better quality.


I do not own One Piece, Eichiro Oda is the creator and rightful owner of One Piece, 
please support the manga and anime.

-Sphinx Sama San Dono

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That BITÇH! I don't even like Sanji that much, but I'm still mad for this alternate version of me!
And this is the part where the ground swallows me whole and I hang out with Merry, Ace, Whitebeard, and Roger for the rest of my life
siwonloveani92 siwonloveani92 2 days ago
I am sorry author chan can you please explain what happened at the end? Sorry i didn‘t get it , the ship blasted in the air? What did „i“ 😅 do?
Aww... memories from when the guy I love got married are coming back. It still hurts.