[Sans x Reader] Empire

[Sans x Reader] Empire

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Sometimes life gets to the point where you feel like you're a paper airplane.
One minute you're soaring, feeling like nothing can't get you down.
But then next thing you know, you're falling.
Falling and crashing into whatever's below you.
Then it starts all over again.
Someone picks you back up and throws you, making you soar yet again.
But then they watch as you fall, not stopping you or saving you from the hard impact to the ground.
The process repeats itself over and over and there's no way you can stop it.
After all, you're made of paper.
You're delicate, fragile.
You're thrown, you soar, you fall, you're picked back up, then it happens all over again until you break.
Until you crash so much that you're ruined.
Then you're thrown away.

At those times, you know that you at least have one person who will fix you.

They call you their queen and you surely are their everything.

This person is your king, he is your home.

Your empire.

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I'm ok with it.
                              Once I go out, I can rub all over your face how hot my new skele-boyfriend is
Phosec Phosec Nov 20
                              *floats out of hole and to Jason*
                              *pimp slaps him*
                              Goddamned asshat
Lanalou88 Lanalou88 7 days ago
I would have just sat to the closest tree and waited for an hour bc that is still near or in the forest and Jason didn't say anything about how far.
DJsansy DJsansy Sep 26
Y'know the way u described Y/N  here....is what I'm like.... EXACTLY what I'm like....ur officially a wizzard
Ya, well idc, cause ur gonna be jelous of my new family! Complete with a mom, a brother, two cousins, a sexy legged uncle, and a boyfriend! So take that!
katstache_13 katstache_13 4 days ago
Bully logic:
                              Talk back- your dead
                              Stay quiet-dead. Still dead