[ Sans x Reader ] Empire

[ Sans x Reader ] Empire

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Sometimes life gets to the point where you feel like you're a paper airplane.
One minute you're soaring, feeling like nothing can't get you down.
But then next thing you know, you're falling.
Falling and crashing into whatever's below you.
Then it starts all over again.
Someone picks you back up and throws you, making you soar yet again.
But then they watch as you fall, not stopping you or saving you from the hard impact to the ground.
The process repeats itself over and over and there's no way you can stop it.
After all, you're made of paper.
You're delicate, fragile.
You're thrown, you soar, you fall, you're picked back up, then it happens all over again until you break.
Until you crash so much that you're ruined.
Then you're thrown away.

At those times, you know that you at least have one person who will fix you.

They call you their queen and you surely are their everything.

This person is your king, he is your home.

Your empire.

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[The only thing that does belong to me is the book.]
[Also I apologize for any of the spelling errors, I type kind of fast so I don't really realize if I misspell a word or two. Sometimes I do go back and edit out the mistakes with spelling and such.]

YOU'VE MESSED WITH TEH WRONG PERSON *grabs pocketknife at the speed of light * WANNA PLAY WITH ME?!
RoxyFazbear RoxyFazbear Sep 02
Me:I'm Chucky Wanna play? *Turns into Chara* Boys:oh hell no!
*knowing that you were heading to the famous Mt.Ebott where all the famous Undertale characters are, feels you with happiness as this is a dream come true that you willingly listen to what Jason says and throw yourself into the mountain* Weeeeeeeeeee •^•
TheRedBoat TheRedBoat Sep 04
Me: I may be weak but I have an entire flaying navy on my side! (Leo made these for me(HoO))
                              *ten mega battleships come into view* 
                              Me: Now what did you want again?
                              Jason: N-nothing, it was nothing!
                              Me: Good.
Saniope Saniope Aug 02
Btw my friend is autistic and he is a very sweet extroverted boy. Just saying that autism isn't really an insult and i got kinda triggered when you used it.
I would've yelled for a teacher to help. I would've told the principal about the harassment before it got to this. But I guess we have to get to the underground somehow in the story.