Assassin - [Supernatural X Reader] ✔ Finished

Assassin - [Supernatural X Reader] ✔ Finished

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"The name is Dean. Although I have a hunch you could have figured that out by yourself if you wanted to." The man introduces himself, and I frown.
      "You didn't have to introduce yourself. Just gives me more reason to put you on my hit list if you ever get out of line."
    14 year old (y/n) was cursed from the beginning to become a hunter after her family's footsteps. But she didn't expect to become an Assassin, let alone the most impressive hunter for her age that the world has ever seen. But being the best, has its downfalls. People don't know who she is due to complete secrecy and stealth, but when the Winchesters stumble across her they never can seem to get away, despite their less than enthusiastic approach on underage hunting. Who is (Y/n) really? What is she? And what are the costs of her finding out?
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Completed: September 05, 2016

      Song: Heathens - Twenty One Pilots
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      Dedicated to my friend; Ruby. @Satan-In-My-Basement
      "this was like so freakin amazing!!!! plzz update because you know how to leave the reader with a great cliff hanger. Keep up the good work by the way!" - Wolfmager
      "This story is just amazing!" - AstralShadows
      "This was so amazing! I can't wait for the sequel!!!" - SydneysydXoX

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RK_141 RK_141 Jul 07
This reminds me of episode 3 in season 1, the douchy police Dad...  XD
I am not even a teen yet. (Don't worry, I don't read lemons but I can handle mature content.)
I'm 15, one year above my actual age in the book. If only I found this masterpiece a year ago :/ :)
Marie_Snow Marie_Snow Jul 28
That's the best response I've ever seen. I wish I was short enough to say that qwq
This is funny because I'm around her age and I'm always joking with my family that I'll become an assassin.😂
WoahItzMe823 WoahItzMe823 Aug 07, 2016
The walking dead Lol Daryl Dixon and Rick Grimes I love TWD and SPN