Pregnant By My Bully? 2 - Til the End of Time

Pregnant By My Bully? 2 - Til the End of Time

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"Jack, why did you do this me? To us? To your children? After everything that happened to us!" I cried and pledded.

"I screwed up okay?!" he yelled in frustration.

"...but I loved you and you constantly hurt me over and over again and I still end up loving you! I gave you my all; my heart, my love, my soul, my time, my affection, and kids."

"I--I can't do this right now, Jasmine I need time to think." he said quickly packing up his things and leaving the house as quickly as possible , without looking back or even saying a word. He left with our kids and I wondering and thinking when he'll be back again. 

Everything's back to way things were. He's back to his old self, again. But 10x worse.

Times have changed and so did everyone, including Jack. But not in a good way.

Where did I go wrong with things?


This is a continued version of my original book, my first book, Pregnant By My Bully? 

Only this is a sequel, branching off of where it left off at in the first. 

Now, you get to see where things continue at. 

If you like this story, vote, comment for more, and share for others to see. 

Thank you, enjoy!

**(little hint/spoiler- this story might not have a not so happy ending!)**

Please don't hate me.

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