Saving Bambi (Harry Styles fan-fiction)

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mackenzie and katie mother fuckers By katieandkenzie Updated 3 years ago
Bambi June. Walking halls of hospitals and corridors of school, had accepted that nothing extraordinary was set out for her until big shot Harry Styles, stumbled on next to her in the strangest of places.
    Tired of illnesses and sympathetic gestures, Bambi’s fairytale ending might have finally caught up to her. But leave it up to the lies and the complications to be following it close behind- with band members, an obsessed best friend and a boy who knows how to charm, maybe Bambi’s high school years will be a little rougher than she expected?
    A coincidental stumble upon with a particular big deal of a boy in a seemingly unlucky place might just make a very lucky girl.
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I think I found a new favorite book:)
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