A Rip Between Universes || Every Sans AU x Reader

A Rip Between Universes || Every Sans AU x Reader

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A whole lotta bull By Sirens_Kry Updated Oct 11

(I made this with my friend on Quotev but she doesnt have a wattpad, please check her out if you have Quotev, thanks!)

"Don't you know greet a new pal?"~Sans

"Your gonna have a bad time..."~Underfell Sans

"...Hi there, kid..."~ Aftertale Sans

"Hello there new buddy!"~ Underswap Sans

"Hello human, are you real?" ~ Science Sans

"Wow a kid in space." ~ Outertale Sans

"What up dawg." ~ Underfresh Sans (i had to...) 

"You dont belong here..." ~ Reapertale Sans 

'Why... What? I... B-but...' 


8 voices say at the same time, can you handle warping in each alternate universe with different versions of the love of the love of your life?

Hi! I cant send this on the last one so, here's the comment:
                              Wuv the stowy, wuv the dwawing, so in conclusion wuv chu (dont take it literal)
i love your drawing! Your so good at it, i wish i could draw like you :3
I know this might sound rude but i think fell sans says "I'm  going to have a good time" trying to be nice and helpful here