A Rip Between Universes || Every Sans AU x Reader

A Rip Between Universes || Every Sans AU x Reader

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A whole lotta bull By Sirens_Kry Updated Oct 11, 2016

(I made this with my friend on Quotev but she doesnt have a wattpad, please check her out if you have Quotev, thanks!)

"Don't you know greet a new pal?"~Sans

"Your gonna have a bad time..."~Underfell Sans

"...Hi there, kid..."~ Aftertale Sans

"Hello there new buddy!"~ Underswap Sans

"Hello human, are you real?" ~ Science Sans

"Wow a kid in space." ~ Outertale Sans

"What up dawg." ~ Underfresh Sans (i had to...) 

"You dont belong here..." ~ Reapertale Sans 

'Why... What? I... B-but...' 


8 voices say at the same time, can you handle warping in each alternate universe with different versions of the love of the love of your life?

ChoiWooyun ChoiWooyun Apr 10
Flowey: HOWDY!!!
                              me: .
                                       KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                              Flowey: -_-
I don't know if this happens to people when they Fangirl, but idk why, but I exhale badly and my lungs stop for a minute when im fangirling XD
Aww I like this * adorable kitty purring on my lap doubles it*
GalaxyAFG_101 GalaxyAFG_101 Oct 17, 2016
Hi! I cant send this on the last one so, here's the comment:
                              Wuv the stowy, wuv the dwawing, so in conclusion wuv chu (dont take it literal)
SimpleDobbe SimpleDobbe Nov 21, 2016
i love your drawing! Your so good at it, i wish i could draw like you :3
tardiscake2004 tardiscake2004 Oct 12, 2016
I know this might sound rude but i think fell sans says "I'm  going to have a good time" trying to be nice and helpful here