Peculiar Waters- millard nullings

Peculiar Waters- millard nullings

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"So what's it like, Paris? The Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame de Paris, French Riviera, Arc de Triomphe, what's it like, being in the centre of it all?"
"She can't understand you, Fat-head."
"A Fat-head is a 'stupid or foolish person,' I think we all know that I am not a Fat-head, quite the opposite actually."

Pascale Bellamy was born with tiny holes, just beneath her fingernails. They never bled, or pained her, for the first few years of the girls life, they went completely unnoticed. As she got older, her body began to react differently and more severely to lack of water consumption: her skin would dry up, and she would become terribly sick. 

One, peculiar day, just before her sixteenth birthday, water began to spew from the holes in Pascale's fingers, sometimes like a hoes, and sometimes in the form of a bubble, as if there was no gravity. No more then a week later, a old women showed up at her door, and claimed that Pascale was 'Peculiar.'

Millard Nullings: the invisible scholar. He spent his days among other Peculiar children of Miss. Peregrine's loop, reliving the same day, over and over, September 3, 1940. He was happy, and content, examining the people of Cairnholm, and memorizing their every move. One peculiar day, a strange girl shows up, looking scared, her skin abnormally dry, and only speaking a few words in English, a girl, with tiny holes, just beneath her fingernails.

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Those freaking birds aren't scared of anything Geezus Christ I even ran towards them and they just walked fast away doing that NECK THING YA KNOW THAT THING THEY DO WITH THEIR NECKS
Although I want me a chunk of Enoch I'd rather stay with my family I WISH I WAS FRENCH BUT NOOOOO I'M KOREAN 😭
PeculiarBlu PeculiarBlu Jan 31, 2017
Omg this is so cringey. At least for me. Trypophobia is real.
bmason21 bmason21 Aug 09, 2016
I like the idea of a loop in France. And nice job finding her a unique peculiarity, it's kind of hard to do that sometimes!
MiraculousRuby MiraculousRuby Oct 30, 2016
That's too hard Author-sama •~• I like MPSFPC but then Oksa pollock oh and Farenheight 451. And what about Inkheart?! This is too hard
askewlj askewlj Nov 24, 2016
to the maker of this story:
                              i love Millard too. we are getting married every day and every day is our anniversary and one more thing you and me are not alone. i sm also writing a book series that is a remake of miss peregrine lets be best friends plz