Lost Hope (Antiseptiplier, Danti) Book 1

Lost Hope (Antiseptiplier, Danti) Book 1

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Dark's life is pretty boring. Nothing really happens. He has his small group of friends, but they don't really do anything except hang out and play video games. Dark doesn't mind this, but he wishes his life was a little bit more... interesting 

One day March 4th, 2016 a new guy joins his school. Dark's supposed to show him around. This guy doesn't seem the most open and friendly. Though, they start to get a long. Soon Dark discovers more about this mysterious guy. 

How much can happen in just a month?

 This was my first ever fanfic. And it's a little all over the place, but as it progresses t gets better and I stay on track and my writing improves. 

This story isn't your typical Antiseptiplier story. Dark and Anti and all the other so-called "demons" aren't really demons in this story. They're just like regular everyday people like you and me. They aren't crazy killing machines. The only difference between these beings and us, is that their eyes are crazy colors and they have powers. 

Some things may be triggering to some people:

This story has abusive mentions.
Self harm
Suicide, suicide attempts, and mention of suicide 
Rape mentioned 
Swear words

October 12, 2016

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Septic15 Septic15 Mar 07
First met in school...yup thats how me and my best friends met....
Vitto1176 Vitto1176 Mar 23
Tag yourself, I'm Dark trying to convince himself that he JUST doesn't like school, but in reality, he hates school's guts
Vitto1176 Vitto1176 Mar 23
Well, Anti is me- honestly.
                              Someone tells me "what's up?"
                              I would always say "the ceiling/sky/not my hopes--"
FabBlueBirb FabBlueBirb Aug 11, 2017
This is the first chapter and I'm already laughing so flipping loud, so far it's great and I honestly didn't know some comments can be this hilarious.Sadly I feel like I'm so late ;-;
loverbxy loverbxy May 29, 2017
Darkimooper did you drink the blood again? We talked about this! That blood is to give kids that have STDs!!!
In not being sarcastic btw, I just don't show that much emotion, it's really cool