Think Twice  : A Lams College Fic (On Hold)

Think Twice : A Lams College Fic (On Hold)

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I'm Sad™ By freethoughtsonham Updated Nov 13, 2016

Just a classy Hamilton college AU! I'll be mixing it up a little, because I'm a little tired of the basic college AU plot.

Hope you enjoy my trash. 

*ships include: lams, Herc/Laf, jmads/tjeffs, and Eliza with good mental positivity and lot of friends.

danceluvr22 danceluvr22 Sep 09
I did a tap dance to King of New York for my dance final last year, it was pretty lit
kitty9730 kitty9730 May 13
I mean, I love less conventional fics, but there had better be at least a couple of turtles
Memes8880 Memes8880 Sep 10
                              STILL HATE YOU
                              I'll get over it😊💜
I'm you l love pll ham and spring awakening so much that they are auto corrects
I've never seen Newsies... Or even know what it's about... Pls don't hurt meh ;^;
FangirlLifeAmIRite FangirlLifeAmIRite 13 hours ago
I quit reading at the chapter "TAKE A BREAK" Damn, I hate you. Someone, please tell me John comes back?