Think Twice  : A Lams College Fic (On Hold)

Think Twice : A Lams College Fic (On Hold)

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Problematic By freethoughtsonham Updated Nov 13

Just a classy Hamilton college AU! I'll be mixing it up a little, because I'm a little tired of the basic college AU plot.

Hope you enjoy my trash. 

*ships include: lams, Herc/Laf, jmads/tjeffs, and Eliza with good mental positivity and lot of friends.

Grimmire Grimmire Oct 07
This.... this description is me other than the crying part (its the opposite I am 'a soulless bástard', as my roommate calls me)
"Thanks, I'm glad for a-"
                              Google translate doesn't know what sovéngarde means lol
You must know this... cuddling during storms is kinda adorable
Awesomewow9 Awesomewow9 Sep 04
SPEAKING OF SELF PROMOTION.... I have a lams fic so maybe you could check it out soon
                              I'm sorry
"Extremely muscled demgiod"
                              Not sure if talking about Maui or Jason Grace
Everytime you hear son/sir in Hamilton replace it with bìtch. 'Bìtch' 'im not ya bìtch' ... 'CALL ME BÌTCH ONE MORE TIME'