Until The End (Girl×Girl)

Until The End (Girl×Girl)

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Madeline Pross is a hard working student. She just got an internship at one of the best hospitals in the country and will be working with Doctor Kalb, considered one of the best surgeons and highly recognized by everyone in her field.

Miranda Kalb, a hard working doctor who  has lived with the worst news of her life but keeps pushing through and fighting. 

Both of them like each other. Madeline wants to see where they'll go but Miranda knows it won't be far. 


Really!! Tell me she doesn't look like that! Am I seeing things? I have to be fucking seeing things.

Her body was just so fucking sexy and perfect. Her olive skinned seemed to glow from the lighting in the room and I couldn't get my eyes to look away.

"See something you like? I know I do." She said in a low pitched voiced that made my breathe hitch. 

I still couldn't seem to snap out of my trance and it didn't help when she crawled on the bed over to me and wrapped her hand around my waist pulling me underneath her.

"How inappropriate would it be if I told you I want to fuck you on this bed." She said near my ear making my breathing pick up. A tender kiss was placed just below my ear making me moan softly. "Hmm, tell me." She whispered as her lips grazed mine.

"V-Very but..."

"But what?" She asked.

"But I don't mind." I said hopelessly making a smirk appear on her face.

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_kaybae__ _kaybae__ Aug 04, 2017
Oh jeez I'm scared to see what happens in this story cuz this sound like a suicide note 🤦🏽‍♀️😩
Holly_Hotstuff Holly_Hotstuff Aug 24, 2017
The doctor is patient but aggressive, she likes order to chaos,  she intimidates and expects failure in those who follow her but madeline could be just what she needs. . This was recommended to me and you will see more comments from me.
Ratsche Ratsche Aug 06, 2016
Dont know what o think of maddie yet. Dr. Kalb seems like a sarcastic stuck up *beep*
Chronicles_J0104 Chronicles_J0104 Aug 05, 2016
I want to read it more... I have a feeling that this will have a sad ending, i may be wrong but i hope to see how this story ends. I'm also hoping that you wont neglect your other story cause i find it so interesting. 😊
bore_reader bore_reader Aug 06, 2016
Aren't we human 😂 yupp you're done for *amusement is hitting me*
RattyPatootie RattyPatootie Jan 25, 2017
Well I think they'll perform perfect surgery together ( if u know what I mean )