no homo > rilaya au

no homo > rilaya au

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+ By ftzion Updated Jul 12

mayah02: i kinda really wanna make out with you

mayah02: no homo tho


Original story by @louvinglouis. It has been converted to fit the Rilaya ship.

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Homosexuality has nothing to do with romantic attraction though...
Knoxiee Knoxiee Jun 09
That moment when you have no clue what's going on and a stranger says your hot...
Honey I've been talking to strangers ever since chat rooms became a thing.
JAJAJAJAJAJJAJA that's your best joke yet I'm going to the moon bye hos
When I say gay stuff and people be like "no homo right" I be like "full on lesbian homo"
That is so true, you can say no homo and then everyone will think it's true or that it's all fine.. Like no it's not...