This Will Be The Day (KH/FF/Others) [Reader-Insert]

This Will Be The Day (KH/FF/Others) [Reader-Insert]

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☆ Ree ☆ By WhispersOfTomorrow Updated a day ago


It's a fickle thing. Some people believe in destiny, whereas others do not. 
Some refuse to believe that there is a set path for them to take throughout their lives. Whereas others accept this concept with grace. 

Riku always believed that there was something out there, waiting for him. Something that was bigger than Destiny Islands. You, on the other hand, firmly believed that while there may be an adventure out there for him to pursue, he needed to stay put. 

When a storm hits Destiny Islands... you are thrown into an entirely new world with Riku by your side. An adventure awaiting the both of you, which according to Master Yen Sid, is an adventure formed by destiny. 

Now only one question remains... do you believe in destiny?

[DISCLAIMER] This is a reader-insert story. I DO NOT own any of the characters that may appear in this story. All rights for the characters go to Square-Enix, Disney, and any other company that I have taken characters from. I own the plot and any OC's that might appear. 

[WARNING] This story contains violent scenes, adult themes and course language.

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OathkeeperOblivion OathkeeperOblivion Aug 06, 2016
Oh, the nostalgia. I was reading the original back when I was pure and new to fanfiction. I look forward to the cookie points (If those will still be a thing)!
PurplePalak PurplePalak Aug 05, 2016
So excited to read this. Will this follow the first game fairly closely or will you add your own spin on it? I'm hoping reader gets a weapon of some kind of she's going to get sucked into the Darkness with Riku. Also great quote! :-)