The Girl with The Silver Mist Eyes -

The Girl with The Silver Mist Eyes -

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mishel By fizzySmilez Updated Apr 18, 2011

A girl, a boy and a secret,

that's how it always starts. She is no ordinary girl and no one knows what she is. A dream for a normal life is all she wants. She's got a secret, and she is keeping it to her self.

This story is about a scared girl who does not fit in even if she tried. She is not talking to anybody. No friends and no one who she cant trust. This girl's name is Jewel and she is a witch. Only a beginner but tough as a rock. With a single look she can disintegrate you into sand. Be careful she is looking for a new "friend".

  • anger
  • bad
  • blood
  • bowling
  • clan
  • crush
  • dark
  • death
  • dresses
  • evil
  • eyes
  • fear
  • friend
  • girl
  • hanging
  • heart
  • high
  • idea
  • jewel
  • light
  • love
  • management
  • mist
  • morning
  • night
  • pain
  • park
  • people
  • plan
  • power
  • powers
  • promise
  • save
  • school
  • shelfunbound
  • silver
  • stacey
  • taxi
  • town
  • wayne
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@XxK0dYxX oh okay I will fix that it's just I was writing that chapter at night and I was very tired! lolz :p i will fix that because i am rewriting the whole story on mic office to edit my whole story and fix some parts to make the story sound better! Btw thx for the vote. Helps alot! :3
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@CJ_Apathy Thank u for the edit It looks like I need somemore time for my writng then my reading! I will do my best thx and later on when i fix my story can yea see if it better then b4?