His Alpha [Being Edited]

His Alpha [Being Edited]

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Book 1 of 'His' Series:

I was tired and the pain rose up again. "....tian, Seb....." voices kept on fading out. I tried to know what was going on. "We are almost there. And Liam just called, Levi is in labor..." My poor mate has to go through that without me. "We are almost there. Stay awake." 

As I tried to stay awake I felt small movements. Then all I can remember is laying down in a white room and then everything became dark.


"I am so sorry. They tried to save, but he was losing too much blood." 

"No...no this can't happen. I need him, he won't see our baby." Tears welled up in my eyes as my vision got blurry. My mate was gone..."he can't leave me." 

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Why is Logan Lerman so cute?!?! Like how is it physically possible to be that adorable in the one picture ?!?!?! @xoLoveArixo
Levi what the heck are you doing here shouldn’t you killing titans?!!!!
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