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^^^ Title says all ^^^  This book holds quite a few things you need to know about Taurus, so sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride!!

Disclaimer; Everything in this book is from tumblr unless I say otherwise. I don't want to steal anyone's work, so please don't assume I came up with all these ideas.

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That's me.... My moms tell me to study hard... Nope.... Not gonna happens...
I'm fine with being hungry. It's dehydration that really sets me off. Need. Water. Or. I'll. Die.
My friends tell me that I need to not get detention buuuutt I end up having one.
Yup. Tell me one more time not to talk to someone and I might start cussing them out. Just saying. I'm in a real bad mood right now.
Omfg true. I mean if u gonna tell me to do something i am gonna do the exact opp
I'm a Taurus and when people tell me what to do I get angry when I don't want too, and when people tell me what I can't do...I secretly do it - hehe :D