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Lazy Traveler By LaraBlunte Completed

This is a sample. The full book is on Amazon.

Go on a wild adventure on a future Earth full of genetically-bred monsters, sunken palaces, abandoned cities, and still unexpected beauty.

Two people born in another solar system, descendants of humans who went to conquer space, come to Earth in a race to save their world. They are:

- Emperor Gaius Drusus: betrayed by his mother and her lover and sent to a cruel exile, Gaius returns to his throne ready for revenge and not much caring about mankind. 

- General Valeria Tylia: at 18 she is a leader of her people, and must convince the Emperor that the barbarian Outer Planets are about to breach their shield and conquer them. She is honorable, brave and relentless when what she loves is at risk -- but she is also impatient and prone to hasty judgments ...

... For when Gaius doesn't listen to Valeria, she doesn't dilly-dally: she kidnaps the Emperor and brings him to Earth with her in a mission to find a mega weapon and stop the barbarians.

Valeria has the involuntary ability to see random moments in the future, and she has seen that Gaius will one day kill her. So until she completes her mission, she wants him where she can see him.

But perhaps he isn't as detestable as she thought? 

As they race to save their world, Valeria begins to realize that the emperor has a very special mind and a strange power -- and that he may be the promised leader, born to save their people...

mohamedyasir23 mohamedyasir23 Dec 05, 2016
Poor Woman if I was my mum I would say "I feel your pain" but I would be lying.
bestmom60 bestmom60 Dec 03, 2016
All this human engineering is going to come around and kick them in the but.
louisaseah louisaseah Dec 27, 2016
                              (Though I think she should have a more original line than "what the hell was that" :P)
bestmom60 bestmom60 Dec 03, 2016
Wow, women come from Venus and men come from Mars, or Aequor and Andlux in this case.
bestmom60 bestmom60 Dec 03, 2016
Rupe has been planning this for a long time, let's hope his dream crashes and burns.
JulieIshimwe JulieIshimwe Nov 09, 2016
Yaaay,  I'm so happy to find another of your books here, I'm just jumping up and down with joy right now, I know this book is gonna be awesome