Uncover {Sakura And Hinata Fanfic}

Uncover {Sakura And Hinata Fanfic}

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Womb_Of_Awesome By LadyIzumiWrites Updated Nov 01

They didn't deflect because they were hated, everyone loved and adorned them.

They didn't deflect because they were wronged, no one dared to do that.

They didn't deflect because they were underestimated, no, everyone saw them as equals.

So why did they deflect?

Little did they know, it was all because of them. The ones who strived for power to protect their village.

They were desperate.

So they controlled the two young girls. 

And weaved them into their plan.


A Woman Can Conquer, Rule And Destroy


Disclaimer: I don't own the manga/anime Naruto cause Kishimoto owns him neither do I own the Naruto franchise. All credits go to him. This story is not used to make a profit of, just written for the fun. I don't own the cover I made and neither do I own any and all pictures which I'll be posting through out the entire book, all credits go to their rightful owner.

This is so good! This is amazing, there are no words to describe this chapter OwO
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How do you make your covers?!! I could NEVER make anything as beautiful as that!! Please tell me!!
I honestly can't wait. I'm gonna cry if nxt Saturday don't hurry up
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