『 Things That Should Not Be Said/Done By Fallers When Their Family Is Around 』

『 Things That Should Not Be Said/Done By Fallers When Their Family Is Around 』

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Wanna watch Gravity Falls when your mom's cooking?

Then don't watch, simple!

Dad asked who is the man with the amber eyes at your laptop's screen?

Then don't answer!

This is a book full with things fallers should not do or say when their family or even friends are around and i have done and said some of them!

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©Gravity Falls is owned by Disney and Alex Hirsch but the book by me.

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LadyCaesar LadyCaesar Dec 24, 2017
My dad cried at the end of Gravity Falls, we watched the whole series together 😂
NaLulikeJolly NaLulikeJolly Sep 03, 2016
My dad loves Gravity Falls... But I don't live with him. My mom lets me watch it and she gets me merchandise for my birthdays and Christmas but she doesn't understand my obsession with it. My brother likes it but hasn't seen every episode.
- - Sep 02, 2016
My dad brought me to Gravity Falls. I joined this fandom when I first set eyes on the episodes.
- - Aug 07, 2016
I tried showing my mom gravity falls to show her it wasn't a bad show. She fell asleep. 😥😩😞
imawerecat imawerecat Aug 24, 2016
my mom isn't a lunatic, but she H A T E S Grunkle Stan. Not as much as someone we know hates his brother, tho
gfanatic123 gfanatic123 Aug 13, 2016
I have seriously tried to convince my parents its a good show but they're still not convinced lol