The Music Box~ Attack On Titan Demon Levi x Eren⎜ Riren

The Music Box~ Attack On Titan Demon Levi x Eren⎜ Riren

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Moonlight_Cloud By Enchanting_Moonlight Updated Jan 07

The music box belonged to his mother, Eren's mother, Carla. She's been dead for five years now. The music box is the only thing she left behind, everything else was burned inside a flame caused by a simple house fire.

She died in that house.

On the fifth year anniversary of her death, her music box started playing on its own at twelve A.M.

Ever since that night it starts playing the once calming and soothing sound in a now slow... And unnerving tune... Now it just sounds like a melody of nothing but eerie darkness of a lost soul.

It plays every night at twelve A.M. It goes on for hours.

Eren Jaeger is a regular teenage boy, he keeps the music box in his room on his nightstand as a reminder of his mother.

But he always has this gnawing feeling every night when it starts playing, the feeling of eyes staring into him, searching his soul, looking for something that may never be found.

What Eren doesn't know is that the person, no thing, playing the music box isn't the spirit of his mother watching over him like he thinks it is, it's being played by a demon named Levi Ackerman.
Author's Note:

None of the characters/songs/images  in this story belong to me, I only own the plot.

I hope you enjoy the story.

TwentyOneBlackSirens TwentyOneBlackSirens Dec 04, 2016
Okay, woAH. That--I'm gonna, wow.
                               Those ships, man, I just--ugh. I'll try, but idk how far I'll make it.
ReapersSpectacles ReapersSpectacles Oct 14, 2016
When you don't like any of these except for Mikannie
                              I especially hate Rivetra -.-
Hanji_Mc Hanji_Mc Nov 12, 2016
I see no Eruhan and the- all of it except Levihan and mikannie makes me puke a bit but I'll do it
PraetorReyna1 PraetorReyna1 Nov 16, 2016
Jearmin and Mikannie: Cool. 
                              Levi x Annie: WHAT THE FÜCKING HELL EVEN--?!?!? I have never heard of that in my life! 
                              RivaJean: Still better than RivaMika, imo.
                              The rest: Okay, I'll live.
                              But who cares, what's important is how awesome the story is, and it seems quite awesome.
ReapersSpectacles ReapersSpectacles Oct 14, 2016
Well don't listen to me bc I didn't read all of it before I commented
WhateversFine25 WhateversFine25 Oct 13, 2016
That's too many ships and I hate a lot of those but I'm gonna probably give it a try