Not The Normal Nerd {Completed}

Not The Normal Nerd {Completed}

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Kiana By TheLoneMusketeer_ Completed

I got up and was about to walk away when Raymond grabbed my waist and slammed me against the lockers. I hissed in pain and the tears were threatening to come out but I didn't want Raymond to see he got to me so I just tried hard not to cry. He had been doing this for a long time now. 
Bullied, abused, hurt. Are these words familiar to you? They are to Paige. Probably because she has to go through it every single day. She loves school, learning, homework, classwork, the list could go on. Everyone at school bullies her. She doesn't know why. They don't know why. They don't know anything about her. But they bully her anyway. Maybe it's because she is a straight A student. Maybe it's because she wears glasses. She's the bullied. 

Meet Raymond Brok. Those words are nothing to him. They're jokes to him. Paige is a joke to him. Her life is a joke to him. He bullies her every day. He gives her new bruises and new scars every day. She never did anything to him. He's the bully. 

Meet Chad Hudson. He doesn't bully Paige. He doesn't stop people from bullying Paige either. His social status is more important to him than another person's life. Everyone, who has been bullied knows that the bystanders hurt more than the bully. It just proves how they don't care. No one does. He's the bystander. 

Her name is Paige Nico Smith. This is her life story. 

And she has three words to say. 

Bullied. Bully. Bystander. 
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Not trying to offend anyone, but bullying? Nerd? Raymond? The Good Girl’s Bad Boys, anyone?
cRazyBadAss cRazyBadAss Aug 20, 2017
I know right. Bullys think bullying is a joke, but only the victims know how it feels.
GaleIsMyLife GaleIsMyLife Dec 27, 2017
Why is it that some people think that if a girl hits a boy it’s fine, but if a boy hits a girl it’s against the law?
                              "Gender Equality"
peacockbluegreen peacockbluegreen Nov 26, 2017
What the hell? Are you all just gonna let the poor girl get beaten?
cRazyBadAss cRazyBadAss Aug 20, 2017
Girl if I were in your place. Let's just hope he has an extra pair of balls.
mercinda mercinda Aug 11, 2017
I haven't started reading yet but I read the blurb and how tf is this in humour 😂😂😂💔