Not The Normal Nerd {Completed}

Not The Normal Nerd {Completed}

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Kiana Kamyabi By Kiana_1385 Completed

I got up and was about to walk away when Raymond grabbed my waist and slammed me against the lockers. I hissed in pain and the tears were threatening  to come out but I didn't want to be weak in front of Raymond so I just sucked it up.
Meet Paige Smith, the school's nerd. She is one of the nerds in Washington High's high school but for some reason, the most popular nerd. She has been bullied for 7 years now and she's sick of it. But she doesn't know what to do. Everyone in the whole school bullies her except for one person: Chad Hudson.

Meet Chad Hudson, he is one of the most popular Bad Boys in the school but he doesn't act like any ordinary Bad Boy.

Meet Raymond Brok, the ordinary Bad Boy. He skips classes, he skips school, is disrespectful to everyone and the person who bullies Paige the most. He's one of those people who hates everyone except his friends. Sure he has good looks but his personality ruins it all. 

These 7 years have been really hard for Paige but the last 3 years have been harder. Her mom died on her 15th birthday and her dad just left the house without coming back. She lived with her grandma for 3 years until she graduated high school.

People say that other people have their own reasons to why they bully and so does Raymond. He has good reasons too. Now, the only questions are:

What are Raymond's reasons?

Will Paige survive?

Will she finally make friends and fight through all the bullying?

Read the book to find out. (Read 'Not The Normal Nerd Book 2' after reading this book to find out Raymond's reasons)

Happy reading!
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