Fatal Attraction (girlxgirl) Lesbian Story {EDITING}

Fatal Attraction (girlxgirl) Lesbian Story {EDITING}

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Annabelle Satcher thought she had all she wanted out of life, popularity, great friends, and a loving boyfriend with to-die-for good looks, but what if she were to be kidnapped at a club and woke up to find a drop-dead-gorgeous girl named Stella, who not only makes her feel things she's never felt before, but claims to be a vampire. When she gets swept into a bloodthirsty world of dark pasts and painful secrets, how will she survive?

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I hope you guys enjoy it, there WILL be a sequel, so many people are asking haha, calm down guys.

If you finish this or are simply bored please take a look at my first wattys entry: Ethereal. It's basically unknown compared to this one so I'd love some more feedback if you could do me that favor. 

Pweese. I wuv u guys.

Also, there will be a crossover between FA's sequel, Hearts on Fire, and the characters from Ethereal. There will also be crossovers from many of my other stories.

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