Just You and Me

Just You and Me

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heaarts By heaarts Updated Dec 31, 2016

"Strangers can become best friends just as easy as best friends can become strangers."

		"You told me, Always and forever, Nathan. What happened to that?

I watched my best friend turn his back on me for popularity. I had to listen to his ugly words. I had to face his sinister stare. Everyday, I had to make it through it all. Until one day they take it too far,  I leave. For good. Or so I thought.
Now I'm back for my senior year only this time I'm stronger. Smarter. Better than before. 

The problem is, he still makes my heart beat faster. He still makes my body tingle. Only hearing his name sends a shiver down my spine. But I won't forgive him that easily... or will I?

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Jasminemckie Jasminemckie Aug 08, 2017
Ok now I would be there ass there doing the most 😂👊🏼
cakebeforeheartbreak cakebeforeheartbreak Jun 15, 2017
Whenever someone hates on me I just thank them and say "Thanks for noticing my imperfections, allow me to point out YOURS now. For instance, you have a bullying problem." 😘
iilubstories iilubstories Jun 18, 2016
I said I wanted to have a sleep over at my friends house and my moms just flat out NO and she gets to go to England
Pizzagirl-WA Pizzagirl-WA Oct 03, 2016
I love my haters, they remind me I'm still breathing and slaying.
Osnapitzmeme Osnapitzmeme Mar 31, 2016
Well I can't say anything I told my dad I wanted to live in las Vegas and a month later we there
Mbrown10 Mbrown10 Jun 01, 2016
I am still best friends with the guy I grew up with. I was never and will never ever be attracted to him. Him being short and tubby with acne scars and really disgusting smelling farts probably helps.