7 Days Of Smut (SEPTIPLIER)

7 Days Of Smut (SEPTIPLIER)

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Jack Flys over to L.A with Mark, but they had something in mind for those seven days, they never thought they would feel so comfortable doing. Join then on there seven smutty days.

~Still in editing~

Right now, it's very terrible, cringe, horrible, wildly weird, so keep in mind , I wrote this when I was young, WHEN I WAS YOUNG! I know, weird that I wrote smut when I was young, but yea, I knew my things. 

Welp, for those who read this before it was edited, hope you enjoyed it as it was.

thefandomqueen_itsme thefandomqueen_itsme Oct 25, 2016
how does jack know how to use the shower it takes me 20 minute to get used to a different shower like how jack...how..why u so magical jack
Burnpelt Burnpelt Nov 08, 2016
O.o okaaaay didn't know that happened... Meh.. Imma keep readin
SeptiplierLover316 SeptiplierLover316 Dec 24, 2016
My boyfriend just cheated on me instead of watching sad movies I'm reading septiplier and eating popcorn. I need help
TheOneWithTurtles TheOneWithTurtles Aug 08, 2016
Love the pic at the top. ITS SO ADORABLE.. SEPTIPLIER AWAY!!!!
PleasureablePaints PleasureablePaints Nov 24, 2016
But the showers flooding the bathroom! Is it the shower though...
SpoopyTrashPure SpoopyTrashPure Sep 05, 2016
I like how when I fangirl the help thing comes up like "YOU NEED HELP"