Our Plan: Ship To Sail {ON HIATUS}

Our Plan: Ship To Sail {ON HIATUS}

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@C By Usernames_sucks Updated Feb 02, 2017


You are visiting Sindria for a merchant deal and happen to meet your childhood friend, Sinbad, that you haven't seen for 15 years. 
Now the eight generals are taking it in their hands to make you guys a couple.
But you and Sin don't find each other that way. Or do you?...

First Fanfic and in this type of POV.
I hope you like it. This is not a lemon just lots of fluff.  And I DO NOT OWN MAGI OR THE PICTURE IN THE COVER.

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That definately wasn't....isn't me then. WHO'S THE IMPOSTER?!
Well doesn't this look familiar! *remembers Nalu vs. Nali ship wars*
Clatssical Clatssical Jul 05, 2017
Exactly what I was thinking Ja'far, exactly what I was thinking!
crona_is_adorable crona_is_adorable May 15, 2017
Wow so she thought about sinbad 'that way' but a sibiling what is this "thinking about how sexy sinbad looked"and later on"she only thought that the relationship between them where SIBILINGS!!!!!!
Usernames_sucks Usernames_sucks Dec 06, 2016
That seriously has happened to me before!!! *Shudders at memory* 
                              my mom and sister both practically drag me and force upon me uncomfortable although I will admit pretty clothes 😅😅
MiaMarNo MiaMarNo Dec 06, 2016
I know dude I know......
                              Like I really like to dress up comfy even if that means my clothes are two times bigger size...... But when we have our Christmas prom ..... god help me from my friend and mother because those evil bitćhes gang up on me